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The Art of Heating Your Home on a Budget


Heating a home on a budget requires a lot of careful planning, including choosing a high-quality maintenance agreement. However, there are also day-to-day choices that keep a home running smoothly and efficiently. The following heating tips can cut your cost drastically and make your home more comfortable:

Using Thick Curtains

Curtains don't just add privacy to your home. They can also trap heat in your home and keep the cold out. Try to find curtains with a thermal lining; the thickest curtains you can find are best. This will prevent drafts around the windows from robbing your home of heat.

Open the Curtains during the Day

Opening your thick curtains during the day is also essential for preventing heat loss. Opening them to let the sunlight stream in can raise the temperature in your home a few degrees. When the sun starts to set, close your curtains and keep them shut until the sun opens again. It's incredibly simple, but it works.

Clean the HVAC System

Before the temperature starts to drop, hire a professional to service your heating system. This process should include a good look at your furnace (heat exchanger, burners, defrost controls), ductwork, and thermostat for proper set up and control. Performing this step ensures your furnace is clean and running at peak efficiency.

Don't Be Afraid to Get Help

If you worry your heating system will run poorly this year or haven’t performed the proper maintenance, don't hesitate to contact a professional to learn more helpful tips as well as how to choose the right maintenance agreement. Our team of experts at Wilson’s Refrigeration & A/C Service can take steps to make sure everything runs smoothly and that your furnace doesn't break down.

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Libby and I just want to express our satisfaction in the heating and A/C products recommended by Jimmy Wilson, as well as his staff, for our home. The Bryant SEER Evolution system heat pump for the house and in particular the Daikin mini-split heat pump used in our sunroom and office are a great addition to our home. ... Since installation of the new unit, our electrical power bills have gone down significantly. The house is approximately 2,500 sq ft and looking back on the utility bills for the last 4 years since the installation we have saved over $1,750 a year compared to the old unit... The staff of this company are always very courteous and prompt in meeting all needs we have had over the years of their existence in the business.

Billy and Libby B.