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4 Fantastic Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats  


The latest HVAC technology that’s helping home and business owners enjoy greater comfort levels is Wi-Fi thermostats. They look and function like traditional programmable thermostats, but Wi-Fi models allow users to control their air conditioning and heating functions by logging into an Internet application on their smartphone or computer. Here are a few distinct benefits of installing a Wi-Fi thermostat.

  • Total Control of HVAC Systems Anytime, Anywhere
  • Also known as wireless thermostats, this Wi-Fi enabled device can be controlled remotely while you’re away. If you ever forget to adjust your settings to energy saver before leaving for work or a long vacation, no problem. Simply log on to the app and remotely make the adjustment. This saves energy, which in turn saves money.

  • Receive Temperature Alerts with the App
  • The application features a number of useful features including the ability for users to set ‘alerts’ that notify them via email or text message if temperatures reach undesirable lows or highs. If an unexpected hot or cold front rolls in, just use the app and make adjustments accordingly.

  • Monitor Outdoor Conditions
  • Most Wi-Fi thermostats feature outdoor sensors that they communicate with to give you readings of outdoor conditions like temperature and humidity levels. Higher humidity levels make it feel even warmer indoors, so knowing this information allows for adjustments that keep spaces comfortable.

  • Get the Whole Picture with Reports
  • Through the app, users can receive a number of reports including energy usage, tips to reduce energy consumption, system failure notifications, and also be informed when preventive maintenance is necessary. It’s like having an HVAC professional at your fingertips 24/7!

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