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Three Major Mistakes Homeowners Make with Their Return Vents

5.24.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Return vents play a critical role in a properly functioning heating and air conditioning system. Here are three mistakes you might be making with yours. To keep your heating and air conditioning (http://www.wilsonref.com/heating-and-air-conditioning) system working as efficiently as possible, it's essential to allow for proper airflow. And to get adequate airflow, you need your return vents working correctly. Here is a list of a few common mistakes many homeowners make concerning their return vents: Mistake #1: Blocking the Return Vent When your HVAC system is on, you feel the warm ..

Does My Thermostat Account for Humidity? Learn Now!

5.10.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Your heating and air conditioning system works best when you have proper indoor humidity levels. To make the most of your heating and air conditioning (http://www.wilsonref.com/heating-and-air-conditioning) system, you'll need to avoid indoor humidity that is too high or too low. This is the result of most thermostats only having the ability to measure indoor temperature, but not relative humidity. Why is this distinction important? Read on to find out. What a Thermostat Does In most homes and offices, a thermostat’s only job is to measure the indoor temperature. If it detects a te ..

3 No-Nonsense Impacts of South Carolina Pollen on Your HVAC

4.26.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Maintenance agreements (/preventative-maintenance) provide routine maintenance to HVAC systems to prolong the life of the unit. This preventative maintenance helps fight the long-term effects of seemingly harmless things, such as dust and pollen. The following is a brief description of what effect pollen can have on your HVAC system and what you can do to minimize problems. Impact #1: Clogged Air Filters Pollen easily floats through your indoor air. Luckily, your HVAC system has design features, such as an air filter, to remove the pollen from the air. But no HVAC air filter can remove ..

3 Ways Spring Storms Affect Your HVAC

4.12.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Even though you need April showers to have May flowers, all those spring storms aren’t always nice to your heating and air conditioning system (/heating-and-air-conditioning). Below we discuss three of the ways a spring storm can harm your HVAC unit and what you can do if it happens. Lightning Strikes It doesn’t always take a direct hit to your air conditioner’s condenser for lightning to cause damage to your HVAC. Even a lightning strike to a nearby power line can result in a power surge that damages some of the delicate electrical components in your unit. If you're lucky, the only th ..

2 Reasons You Shouldn't Ignore Your Air Ducts

3.22.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Complete HVAC maintenance (http://www.wilsonref.com/preventative-maintenance) and care of a heating and air conditioning system will include addressing the air ducts. Many people forget about the air ducts because they seem like such a simple part of the HVAC system and are hard to see. Here are two reasons you need to take care of them: #1: Hidden Dirt and Dust Buildup The inside of an air duct is hard for the average person to see. Over time, a film of dust or dirt may exist and the home or business owner may not even know it. However, the HVAC system could be spewing out a significa ..

3 Things a Good Maintenance Plan Should Include

3.08.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Maintenance agreements (http://www.wilsonref.com/preventative-maintenance) are fantastic at ensuring an HVAC system works properly for a long time. However, they aren't free, so what exactly makes them special? Continue reading to discover three beneficial components of having a plan in place: 1.Regular Visits A good maintenance plan will include at least two regular visits. One visit should be in the spring, after the heater is off for the season but before the air conditioner will get extensive use. During this visit, the HVAC technician will look for any problems in the furnace and  ..

2 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality for Flu Season

2.22.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Besides getting the flu vaccine, one way to reduce the chances of getting the flu (or getting better, if you come down with the flu) is to do a few things with your heating and air conditioning (/heating-and-air-conditioning) system and indoor air. While it won’t guarantee immunity from the flu, every little bit helps. #1: Install a Higher MERV Rated Air Filter HVAC air filters receive special minimum efficiency reporting value ratings, or MERV ratings. These tell the consumer how effective the filter is at removing airborne contaminants, with the higher MERV rating resulting in the ab ..

Most Effective Air Filter Tips for Your Business

2.08.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Commercial services help ensure your commercial HVAC system (/commercial-hvac-refrigeration) is not only installed perfectly, but that it gets necessary repair and maintenance services. One key piece of routine maintenance an HVAC system requires is to clean or replace the air filter if it gets dirty. Besides this basic maintenance, there are a few other tips to get the best indoor air quality and the most from your commercial HVAC system. Get the Right Air Filter Air filters used in HVAC systems have ratings based on how small of a particle the filter can remove from the air. The most ..

The Art of Heating Your Home on a Budget

1.25.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Heating a home on a budget requires a lot of careful planning, including choosing a high-quality maintenance agreement (http://www.wilsonref.com/preventative-maintenance). However, there are also day-to-day choices that keep a home running smoothly and efficiently. The following heating tips can cut your cost drastically and make your home more comfortable: Using Thick Curtains Curtains don't just add privacy to your home. They can also trap heat in your home and keep the cold out. Try to find curtains with a thermal lining; the thickest curtains you can find are best. This will preve ..

Why a Geothermal System Is the Key to Lowering Your Electricity Bill

1.11.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Homeowners looking for a high-quality heating and air conditioning (http://www.wilsonref.com/heating-and-air-conditioning) unit often turn to geothermal systems as a way of increasing their efficiency. In fact, getting a geothermal unit installed in your home can save you an exponential amount of money on your electrical bills. For those who are sick of paying through the roof for utilities, this is a major benefit. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a geothermal system. (This system also qualifies for federal tax credits. See dealer for details) The Level of Heating and Air  ..

No one looks forward to replacing an HVAC unit, but Wilson’s and crew were as helpful as they could be. They were in and out in less than a day, and our new system is fantastic. I can’t believe how much better it performs compared to our old one. My power bills are noticeably lower, too!

Mark L.