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2 Steps to Follow If Your Commercial Fridge Is Not Cold Enough

12.07.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

A commercial fridge that isn't cold enough is a serious problem for any business. This advice from the commercial services pros will help you to determine what to do. There are times you may or may not require commercial services (/commercial-hvac-refrigeration) for your business; however, when the commercial fridge isn't keeping food cold enough, that's a time you know you must call the pros ASAP. A refrigerator that isn't running at the right temperature, even for a few hours, can lead to bacteria growth and food spoilage. Code from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) require ..

The Foolproof Guide to Making Sure Your Commercial Fridge Meets DHEC Requirements

11.16.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Hire the right company for commercial services (/commercial-hvac-refrigeration/refrigeration-products) to avoid compliance problems with the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). Making sure your fridge meets regulations isn’t rocket science, but it is a headache many restaurant owners don’t need to add to their plates. Allow us to take care of everything. At Wilson’s Refrigeration & A/C Service, we make the process easy. Hire a Commercial Refrigeration Service The DHEC publishes a handbook on Regulation 61-25 Retail Food Establishments (https://live-sc-dhec.pantheons ..

3 Ways a Smart Thermostat Makes Your Home the Perfect Place for Holiday Get-Togethers

11.02.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Control heating and air conditioning (/residential-products/thermostats) from anywhere with Wi-Fi? It’s possible now that new smart thermostats are on the market, and they’re perfect for the holidays. When family comes to visit, you want to ensure your home is as comfortable as possible without blowing your budget. Use the advanced features of the latest comfort controls to streamline the process. Here are three ways to use a smart thermostat during holiday get-togethers: 1. Monitor Your Home’s Temperature on the Go Check your home’s comfort control features from anywhere with ..

3 HVAC Tips to Get the Perfect Night's Rest to Prepare for Daylight Savings Ending

10.18.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Heating and air conditioning (http://www.wilsonref.com/heating-and-air-conditioning) performance has a big impact on whether you’re able to rest easy. Quality sleep is one of the most important factors in adjusting to time changes. Getting enough sleep also keeps you from feeling annoyed and lethargic while your body adjusts to its new routine. Here are three ways your HVAC equipment can help you sleep soundly all night: Program Temperature Changes Late at Night While most of us enjoy feeling cozy and warm as we drift off to sleep, research suggests optimum temperatures for deep ..

Energy Efficient Restaurant Fridge Tips

10.11.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Commercial services help to keep your restaurant in tip-top shape. The right team can advise you on everything from the best refrigerators availablto zoned heating and cooling solutions. If you need help with issues your staff doesn’t have the specialized skills to handle, reaching out to a commercial services team can make a big difference to your bottom line and overall business success. Reliable Refrigeration Unit Installation and Repair Energy efficiency might be a buzzword to today’s consumers, but the truth is being energy efficient can make a significant positive impact on your  ..

3 Positive Things to Expect When You Switch to a Smart Commercial Thermostat

9.26.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Maintenance agreements (http://www.wilsonref.com/preventative-maintenance) address various routine maintenance tasks that your HVAC needs. One such task is examining the thermostat. A thermostat that doesn’t work right can ruin a perfect or otherwise properly functioning HVAC system. One way to improve the thermostat is to upgrade to a smart thermostat. Besides being able to take advantage of the newest technology for your commercial HVAC, there are several other benefits to having a smart thermostat. Let’s take a look at three: 1.Lower Energy Bills The primary reason for making the s ..

4 Key Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Business

9.13.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

A well-maintained heating and air conditioning (/commercial-hvac-refrigeration) system will promote the healthiest indoor air quality possible for your business. No business owner wants the embarrassment of indoor air that negatively impacts customers and employees. While a check-up from a qualified HVAC company is ideal, there are certain steps any business owner can take to improve indoor air quality: Replace the HVAC Air Filter An HVAC system is responsible for providing temperature control, but it also plays a role in cleaning the air. Within the HVAC is an air filter designed to  ..

3 Essential Tips to Maintaining Indoor Humidity Levels

8.23.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Maintenance agreements help maintain the air conditioner, which can lead to achieving an ideal indoor humidity level. Maintenance agreements (http://www.wilsonref.com/preventative-maintenance) are great for having a properly running air conditioner. This is important not only to stay cool but also to keep indoor humidity at a safe and pleasant level. The following is a list of tips to help keep your indoor humidity at the right levels all year long: Tip #1: Use a Dehumidifier For most people and homes, an indoor relative humidity level of between 40% and 55% is ideal. When the humi ..

Mind-Blowing Maintenance Mistakes You are Making with Your AC Unit

8.09.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Many home and business owners make common mistakes with their heating and air conditioning system. Good news is you can learn from their mistakes! To take full advantage of your heating and air conditioning (http://www.wilsonref.com/heating-and-air-conditioning) system, you'll need to conduct regular maintenance. But many people fail to have this maintenance done. The following is a brief list of some of the more common things people forget to do concerning their air conditioner: Mistake #1: Not Cleaning or Replacing the Air Filter If the air conditioner runs, it may be easy to for ..

What Is the Ideal Temperature for Energy Efficiency?

7.26.2018 - Wilson's Refrigeration and AC Service

Maintenance agreements allow your system to keep your home’s temperature and energy bill low. Have you looked into the ways maintenance agreements (http://www.wilsonref.com/preventative-maintenance) help you save money while staying perfectly comfortable? It’s true! The better you care for your HVAC system, the better it will perform for you. Higher efficiency allows you to keep your home cooler without wasting energy or driving your bills sky high. Perfect Summer Thermostat Settings Also, note the energy-saving benefits of dropping the temperature at night. Studies show we sleep t ..

Wilson's Refrigeration and A/C Service has been providing me with excellent maintenance on my home HVAC for over 10 years, extending the life of my unit considerably. Their techs are knowledgeable, responsive, skilled, and pleasant to deal with. They are available 24/7 and prompt when an occasional emergency occurs, especially after hours. Most recently, after thorough consultation with Jimmy, we elected to replace our aging unit with a carefully selected top of the line hybrid HVAC (electric and gas). I couldn't be more pleased with our new unit and their continued maintenance. They are good people to deal with.

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