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If you love energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, geothermal systems will appeal to you. Harnessing the earth’s energy to provide heating and cooling services, geothermal systems save money as they help the environment. The name says it all: “geo” for earth and “thermal” for heat. Put them together, and you have a heat transfer system that uses the earth to either warm or cool your space as the situation demands.

A Primer in Geothermal Systems

Available for both commercial and residential spaces, geothermal systems work to both heat and cool efficiently and effectively. During cold winter months, geothermal systems tap into the earth’s heat, while in the summer, the earth is used as a sink to absorb excess heat from inside your home or business.

Although surface temperatures range mightily, that is not true for depths of about 20 feet below ground, where temperatures remain relatively constant. There, the earth is hotter in winter and cooler in summer, allowing for an effective transfer of energy that keeps your home or business perfectly climate controlled.

The Main Components of a Geothermal System

  • The heat pump connects the system to the earth that will serve as either the heat source or sink, and serves as the water circulator
  • The indoor unit, outfitted with a fan and a compressor, exchanges heat and supplies air to the building
  • The earth provides or absorbs heat, as the season demands
  • Electricity facilitates the transfer of heat in either direction

Main Benefits of a Geothermal System

  • Efficient, effective and long-lasting
  • A combustion-free, renewable and clean source of energy
  • Stable energy consumption
  • Good for the environment
  • Relatively low-maintenance and few moving parts
  • Only limited maintenance required, usually on the indoor components
  • 20-year lifespan or more
  • 25-50% less energy use than conventional HVAC systems

With so much going for geothermal, why wait? Contact us today to learn more about Wilson’s geothermal systems and set up an appointment. Don’t forget to ask about available tax incentives!

Legacy™ Multi-Speed Geothermal Heat Pump

The GB model is impressively efficient even using a single-stage compressor and a multi-speed blower. So it can help you cut costs today and for the long haul. And with built-in sound dampeners like full insulation and double-isolation compressor mounting, you'll still enjoy quiet comfort.

Preferred™ Hydronic Use Geothermal Heat Pump

The versatile Bryant® GW model can be applied in a variety of heated- and chilled-water applications. Two-stage scroll compressor enables high-efficiency with quiet operation plus, optional potable hot water generation can also help you save on water heating for other needs.

Preferred™ Split System Indoor Geothermal Heat Pump

The Bryant® GS model offers high-efficiency geothermal cooling performance and is designed to be coupled with a gas/propane furnace or fan coil. It features a quiet, two-stage scroll compressor and, in the right combination, can allow you to enjoy the benefits of Hybrid Heat® technology to gain efficient geothermal heating before switching over to gas in colder weather.

Preferred™ Variable-Speed Geothermal Heat Pump

For the ultimate in quiet operation and comfort, the GT and GP models with two-stage compressor operation and variable-speed blower are the way to go. Enjoy even temperatures, superior summer dehumidification and the dependability you expect from one of Bryant's best products. Plus, as a tax credit qualified product, it could help you get back up to 30% its installed cost.

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Libby and I just want to express our satisfaction in the heating and A/C products recommended by Jimmy Wilson, as well as his staff, for our home. The Bryant SEER Evolution system heat pump for the house and in particular the Daikin mini-split heat pump used in our sunroom and office are a great addition to our home. ... Since installation of the new unit, our electrical power bills have gone down significantly. The house is approximately 2,500 sq ft and looking back on the utility bills for the last 4 years since the installation we have saved over $1,750 a year compared to the old unit... The staff of this company are always very courteous and prompt in meeting all needs we have had over the years of their existence in the business.

Billy and Libby B.