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Ductless/Mini Split System

Working with a small- to medium-sized space and looking for the perfect climate control solution? Ductless mini-split systems offer big benefits to a small space, including the lack of cumbersome ductwork, the compact size of the system itself, and the flexibility to both heat and cool the space. Plus, they’re easier to install than many of their counterparts, so Wilson’s can get you on your way with your new system quickly and easily.

Ready to get started with a ductless system? Contact us today for friendly, professional advice or to set up an appointment to evaluate if a ductless, mini-split system is best for your space.

Ductless Cassette System

The Bryant ductless cassette system offers heating and cooling to your indoor spaces that are without ducts. The system runs quietly and is hidden in the ceiling, providing comfort without interrupting your day-to-day routine.

Ductless Floor Console System

If you prefer an alternative to a mounted mini-split system, then this floor console system is for you. With up to three fan speeds and remote operation, this system gives you the flexibility and comfort you'll need in your new space.

Ductless High Wall System - MA

As part of the Legacy™ line, this ductless system heats and cools your space quietly and efficiently. Use the remote control to adjust your comfort level by choosing from four different fan speeds.

Ductless High Wall System - P

This wall-mounted ductless system is part of the Preferred™ line of Bryant products. Its variable speed compressor and four fan speeds offer reliable heating and cooling all year round.

Ductless High-Wall System - F

Enjoy quiet, indoor comfort and save money all at once. This high-wall ductless system is a top-of-the-line choice for efficiently regulating the temperature of your addition or converted space.

Ductless Multi-Zone System - K

Have more than one room in your home without ductwork that needs to be heated and cooled throughout the year? No problem. This multi-zone system supports up to 9 indoor units so you can enjoy the perfect temperature throughout your home.

Ductless Multi-Zone System - T

Using only one outdoor unit, this multi-zone ductless system powers up to 5 indoor units. You can be sure this Preferred™ Series system will keep you cool on the hottest day of summer and warm on the coldest winter night.

Single Zone Mini-Split Ducted System

For a budget-friendly solution to heat and cool your converted indoor space, look no further than this Preferred™ Series system. With this quiet system mounted above your ceiling or below your floor and built-in timed start/stop cycles, you can just enjoy your home comfort in peace.

Emergency ServciesEmergency Servcies

No one looks forward to replacing an HVAC unit, but Wilson’s and crew were as helpful as they could be. They were in and out in less than a day, and our new system is fantastic. I can’t believe how much better it performs compared to our old one. My power bills are noticeably lower, too!

Mark L.