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Duct Sealing

duct sealing

Does your home or business have hot and cold spots? Are your monthly energy bills too high? Maybe your home has poor indoor air quality or excessive dust and allergens. If so, one possible answer could be leaking air ducts, and they could be costing you a fortune.

On average, 30 cents of every dollar you spend on heating and air conditioning in your home escapes through your leaky ducts. From an energy saving standpoint, sealing your ductwork is the best thing you can do as a home or business owner. Sealing your air ducts will not only save you up to 30% on your monthly energy bills, but will also increase your home or business’ energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Wilson’s Refrigeration is a proud distributor of Aeroseal, which is proven to reduce air duct leakage by up to 90% and can dramatically increase your indoor air quality and the level of comfort in your home. There are many options for sealing your air ducts, but no matter which you choose, the experts at Wilson Refrigeration are here to help!

To learn more about how Aersoseal can improve your indoor air quality, watch our video today!

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No one looks forward to replacing an HVAC unit, but Wilson’s and crew were as helpful as they could be. They were in and out in less than a day, and our new system is fantastic. I can’t believe how much better it performs compared to our old one. My power bills are noticeably lower, too!

Mark L.