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Walk-in Coolers/Freezers

Need somewhere to hang that side of beef? A walk-in freezer is your answer. Storing a commercially sized load of veggies, cheese, bread, or other perishables? You’re going to need a walk-in fridge for sure.

Walk-in freezers and fridges provide much-needed shelf space for a variety of foods, whether you work in hospitality, catering, or event management at a special venue. Wilson’s offers quality units that hold up to wear and are easy to maintain – we guarantee it.

Contact us to find out which walk-in coolers and freezers would work best for your particular needs.

CrownTonka Beer Cave

CrownTonka Beer Cave

Whether you are planning a Beer Cave for your next new store or a tricky remodel, we can provide a Beer Cave built just for your application. If space constraints are an issue, we have the experience to custom fit a Beer Cave to any space, inside or outside. Turn underperforming floor space into a profit generating department and provide your customers with more product mix choices.

CrownTonka Food Storage

CrownTonka Food Storage

Because everyone’s needs and preferences are different, CrownTonka walk-ins are engineered and built to your exact dimensions and specifications. Flexible design and modular construction techniques ensure that we are conveniently located to deliver walk-ins, which meet your exacting requirements. We offer walk-ins designed to make optimum use of available space, delivering solutions for any chilled and/or frozen storage application.

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Wilson's replaced my old unit that was costing me a fortune! My new Bryant Evolution Extreme is fabulous! It is so quiet I don't even notice it anymore and it is saving me over $200 every month! I couldn't be more pleased.

Rebecca G.