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Heating is crucial to maintaining your business, your employees’ satisfaction, and your customers’ ideal experience while they’re inside your space. If you have a problem with your heating system, then you can’t afford to wait until it breaks down entirely. During the colder months, everyone expects heat, and you’ve got to give it to them.

Enter Wilson’s, which has repaired and maintained heating systems for almost three decades. We know our stuff, like when a repair is needed, how to diagnose the problem, and ways to repair your system to keep costs down and efficiency up.

Basic Repair Signs

If your system fails to maintain temperature, then the thermostat is obviously off in its readings. If you notice your temperature swings throughout the day or night, or it takes too long to heat up when you turn it on, then your system is also probably due for a repair.

Other obvious signs include unusual noises coming from vents, ducts, or central systems, and strange smells that you didn’t notice before. This may indicate that your mechanical or thermal combustion components need to be balanced to operate properly.

More Advanced Signs of Repair

Sometimes the signs of repair aren’t as obvious as a bad smell or freezing temperatures throughout your space. If only certain spaces are cold or seem drafty, then that’s a sign your system might be clogged or leaking and needs repair. If you’re noticing increased utility bills but you haven’t been using more energy, then that’s another sign your system isn’t operating efficiently.

What Wilson’s Professional Technicians Offer You

When you call a repair technician from Wilson’s, you’ll get more than a simple repair. Our technicians are expertly trained to check your entire system for problems. They offer a range of repair services, including:

  • Thermostat calibration
  • Filter replacement
  • Cleaning
  • Cycle testing
  • Mechanical balancing
  • Control point monitoring

By performing repairs when you need them, you’ll eliminate the possibility of more expensive repairs or disastrous breakdowns down the road, so contact Wilson’s today.

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Wilson's replaced my old unit that was costing me a fortune! My new Bryant Evolution Extreme is fabulous! It is so quiet I don't even notice it anymore and it is saving me over $200 every month! I couldn't be more pleased.

Rebecca G.