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Commercial Air Conditioning

commercial air conditioning service

Providing air conditioning to a commercial space is not as simple as that of a home. Since your business is your livelihood, you want to make sure you provide for both employee and customer comfort, which is why you don’t want your air conditioning going out unexpectedly. If you think your air conditioning unit might need repairs, don’t wait to get it looked at. Do it before it breaks down entirely and affects your business.

Not sure whether you might need repairs? Take a look at these three aspects of your climate control to see whether you’ve got a problem.

Zoning Changes

Large office buildings are composed of multiple smaller spaces, all of them requiring heating and cooling depending on their individual traits and the time of year. If part of your office is too hot while other areas are too cold, this is most likely a zoning issue. The cause can range from a blocked vent to a clogged duct, so it's best to let an expert take a look.

Temperature Differences

If you are experiencing an overall rise or drop in temperature that isn’t registering on the thermostat, regardless of zone, you most likely are experiencing a temperature control issue. When your air conditioning system isn’t working correctly, environmental factors, like noontime sun or afternoon shade, can affect the temperature inside your building, making it uncomfortable for workers or customers.

Increased Billing Costs

Sometimes the sign of a broken air conditioning system is most apparent in your bill. Although your system doesn’t seem to be performing like it once did, you’re actually paying more to run it. Time to call the experts.

Wilson’s has repaired air conditioning and HVAC systems in the Newberry area for almost 30 years. Our expert staff can diagnose and repair your system efficiently, effectively, and affordably. We can also offer recommendations on prolonging the life of your system so you can worry about what really matters to you: your business.

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We added on to our home and I upgraded my entire heating and air system and ductwork as recommended by the comfort specialist and our power bill went down! We have never been this comfortable in our home since we bought this house! Thanks Jimmy and the whole Wilson's crew.

Mike S.